Horizontal Electrical Therapy


What is Horizontal Electrical Therapy?*

Communication between cells primarily takes place in two methods: via bioelectrical and biochemical signaling. Cells imnplicated in the perception of pain can be in the bone, muscle, ligaments, or nerve tissue.  Bioelectrical signaling occurs by electrical currents and biochemical signaling involves chemical messenger molecules. When cellular communication is impaired and affects the normal functional state, pain and disease can occur, further causing a breakdown in cellular messaging. 

With Horizonal Therapy, both the bioelectrical and biochemical components can be treated all in one treatment session, an option not previously available with standard therapies. By holding the bioelectric intensity constant while changing the frequency, Horizontal Therapy can have a broad spectrum physiologic effect. The PRO ElecDT 2000 preset programs are designed to achieve this effect automatically.

Effective Clinical Usage for:

•    Neck Pain

•    Back Pain

•    Knee Pain
•    Sciatic Pain
•    Foot Pain
•    Osteoarthritis
•    Shoulder Pain

•    Post-Op Pain

•    Complex Chronic Pain

•    Muscle Re-education

•    Nerve Stimulation

•    Relax Muscle Spasms

•    Improving Range of Motion

•    Poor Circulation

•    Hand and Wrist Pain


Is Horizontal Therapy Safe?

The bioelectrical currents that are used in the PRO ElecDT 2000 are entirely safe. They have been rigorously tested and have surpassed all standards required for biomedical devices. The current is painless and in most cases is not even felt.  For your safety, we will not place the Hako Med leads over areas of infection, blood clots, local infections, near a pacemaker, or in those patients who have cancer or abnormal cardiac rhythms. 

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